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Silent Retreat

Clouds Theme Room


Go into Silence to Open Your Divine Connection

What is the Silent Retreat? How will it Help?

Connect to Your Inner DivineSELF

What can I get out of a Silent Retreat?
When you find a meditation that works... you can slow down the inner chatter and open up to your essence. Open up to the part of you that has been wanting to connect with you. Its your guidance system that has been guiding you since the beginning of time and when you slow down you start picking up on the messages. We will do several different kinds of meditation some guided and some more advanced for inner work.. One doesn’t fit all. When you connect to your inner guidance system you connect to the “all”. It is very empowering and during these days you will get time to practice.

What else will we be doing?

We will connect with Sound Frequency and clear chakras and its a sort of deep healing where you let sound from Tibetan Singing Bowls and other to heal and center and balance you. Its a very special kind of healing and your body really needs this to reset itself and to open to your enhanced immune system working fully. We will also be doing Yoga Nidra...which is a meditative and very deep form of Meditation relaxing your body and mind allowing for your Autonomous Nervous System to get out of the daily fight or flight mode and into the heal and restore mode. Great for anxious people to calm down. The 5 Tibetans is another kind of Yoga we will be doing for your mental, physical and emotional health. It is often appreciated and we include it for those who want it.
Ecstatic dance is another way to release and we will do that as well... Sacred Fire in the evening under the moon light(if we have a clear night)for releasing ceremony will be provided... 

What Should I bring?

Bring warm clothing and good walking/hiking shoes. You will be having time to enjoy our Faerie Forest and long walks to the Guadalupe River. We will be serving healthy meals and if you would like to bring some of your own its fine. We ask each participant to observe the Silence and only connect on the last day for the full effect. Silence in this crazy world is very different and when you let yourself connect with YOU the rewards are amazing. Its like finding a part of you that holds all kinds of wisdom. Each one of you has this... Going within and finding Your Divine SELF is priceless. During this time of the silent retreat we will be opening for inner peace and learning to meditate surrounded by a Faerie Forest and nature walks going to the Guadalupe River. The more you connect the more inner peace you will find. Welcome to Kickstart your New YOU for the NEW YEAR... Welcome to Love Light, Peace and Calm.

Kundalini Yoga Outdoor Meditation

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