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HypnoHealth & Wealth 12 Week Program

Begin Your Journey Now .... Do you feel the pull? You are being guided.



The Master Program


HypnoHealth & Wealth Will Change You

Discover your Infinite Health and Attract Unlimited Wealth!

Was your power taken from you? Do you even remember? Does your childhood affect your decision making? Sometimes we don’t know why we end up in the same spot again and again… Sometimes we don’t seem to move forward… Sometimes we end up in same situations but with different people.. This is your wake up call to clear those past programs and lets see what the program entails..




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Hi, I am Helene..

Your Divine Guide..

 I have spent my entire life navigating through life and finding ways to better myself. Mostly I have wanted to live a better peaceful life only to be pulled back into my "programming"...where my childhood experiences seem to halt all progress. Have you ever been stressed and frustrated by how you don't seem to level up in life? I know the feeling, I have been in your shoes.


I have made it my MISSION to shift that narrative and make it easier to level up. Here are some testimonials and insight from people already transforming their lives. I am  looking forward to assisting you on your transformational journey too and opening You  to discover Your essence and who You are. 

How Can HypnoHealth & Wealth Master Program Transform YOUR Life?

As a seasoned hypnotherapist I kept seeing clients with deep underlying issues and trauma that didn’t seem to be “fixed” by one or two sessions.  My clients were still affected by their experiences and just getting by. Some stayed in victim mode while others were in survival mode feeling unsafe in their everyday environment and in relationships. I knew the "feeling" and knew we had to change how we worked. I took the "lessons" from my own experiences and wanted lasting permanent results as I had gotten without "wasting" my clients time and money. Instead of creating the "wheel" I just used my own experiences and many thousands of $$$$ of education and many nights creating the Ultimate Program for Permanent Lasting Results and created HypnoHealth&Wealth. Through thousands of clients and my own experiences we tuned in to what works. We went as far as necessary and you reap the benefits of many years of experience.  I saw great permanent results and saw my clients and my own feeling of peace and success and wanted to help more people heal deeply as well. Now lets go deeper…

Hear Another Success Story!




What will you Gain? Why are you here?

Do you wonder why some people seem to go through life easily? Some are successful and when you compare you wonder what is their "secret"? 

The difference is they work on themselves to clear old patterns and mindset to be open to abundance of life and love.

Do you feel you are worthy of a successful life and lifestyle? 

Well? Are you? Or do your negative thoughts and emotions keep you "Prisoner"?

The emotions that have kept you "prisoner" like anger, guilt, sadness, abandonment, shame, loneliness, fear, grief, anxiety and depression and more. Let's clear you of those triggers. As we work on healing your inner child and your self worth, this program goes to the core of your inner programming and  even clears deep Ancestral Programming which in turn heals your family and your future relationships as well..

Do I really need a clearing?

Everything is connected and your emotions and feelings are “handed down” from your family and ancestors. They are deeply rooted inside of you, the program peels away all that is not You down to your Blueprint of who you came here to be and experience Your Authentic Empowered Self and return to the Blueprint of what you came here to experience. We activate your 12 DNA strands for your Mastery of Self.  Why would we want to activate that? Have you heard of Instant Manifestation?  That is your True ability to create anything you desire. 


Your own limiting beliefs are standing between you and everything….Unless you allow... let us introduce the flow of your life..

Welcome to this deep advanced Emotional and Mental and Physical Healing and Spiritual Journey. Welcome to the Master Program HypnoHealth & Wealth where you regain your own Mastery of your SELF. The one who loves and respects your SELF. Sometimes this sounds too good to be true.. right? I am now a Thriving Empowered Self.. I am no longer a victim of my past and my highest wish is for you to feel empowered as well. I went from loathing mySELF, feeling I was worthless to now knowing who and what I am. I have the tools to get you there as well. Your "Job" is to show up for yourself and Trust the Program...

Let's get started… Let's get you on my calendar to discuss your Profound Healing Journey by setting up a time for a complementary consult. I Look forward to assisting you.



We start by setting up a time for our initial consultation and onboarding. You will be filling out our forms and we will set a day and time for your sessions. 


Ask about financing*

The entire program begins at $4,997 and the initial consult is included. You can easily click the link above to make payment. The program is paid in full to begin.  We also have financing*


Required 24/hr advance rescheduling

We begin your transformational life coaching sessions on a weekly basis where we eliminate deep core emotional wounds like..anger, anxiety, grief, sadness, fear, guilt... Then we go deeper the following weeks clearing and healing childhood trauma and wounds and eliminate triggers that have held you captive in many ways. Following this we dive deep into your Ancestral/ Family Lineage and clear and heal Emotional Programming and Patterns passed down to you. 

We evaluate where you are and further down the path we open for DNA Activations and Healing leading to instant manifestations and deep healing. 

When you have come this far  you shift to becoming an Instant Manifestor because you dont have hindrances to the flow in your life. You open to being Love and have an easier time staying in the beautiful flow of life.

Begin Your Journey Now!!!!
Your Higher Self is Calling.


Book an initial consultation to discover more

We start our journey with an initial consult to discuss your personal history and where you are today. Are you ready to begin your journey?  

If you have more questions and aren't fully ready to commit to the whole program.  We have smaller packages and options to serve you. 

Let's start with small step and book below! 


Start Program NOW!

Are you ready to begin? 

Simply click the button below to get started in the program.  You will be led to our shop section to Start your payment. 

Its quick and easy to change your life today. It starts with a choice. It starts with YOU. 

The Universe awaits your decision...


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