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Meet Your Certified Hypno Therapist


Helene V. Gross

Certified Hypnotist - Quantum Healer - Reiki Master
Past Life Regressionist - Author - 
Tarot Reader - Psychic Medium - Energy Healer - Spiritual Advisor -

Meditation Teacher - Life Coach

25 Years of Experience

Hello :) Thank you for stopping by!

My Name is Helene V Gross.  Being called to do what I love and use my acquired talents to help others is what makes my life worth living.  As an Author, Singer, Hypnotist, Tarot Reader, Psychic Medium, Artist, Video Editor, Actress, Motivational Speaker, etc, the red thread through all of this is that these talents have allowed me to master the art of BEING LOVE to in turn channel that into all that I do.  

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My Story

Born an Open Channel I spent my first years at my Grandfathers place enjoying Nature and
connecting and aligning with all. My ability to directly communicate with nature was natural and I thought nothing of it. Later in life I would understand that not all are as able as I was. As I was taken from that paradise I grew by experiencing the opposite of peace and tranquility. It made me realize that all our experiences can lead you down a good or not so good path and its all about perspective. I have naturally been the kind of person people go to with their problems…So when I understood it was one of the things i am a natural at then i decided it was one of my passions and I wanted to be the best I could at it. I had so many experiences I wanted to clear myself of and I kept getting better and better and my experiences showed to be the driving factor of why I have so much compassion and also very keen knowledge on how to relieve people of their mental, emotional and physical pains. My passion has led me to create programs and workshops to help en-light-en people in many ways. I teach through programs and speaking engagements and enlighten one heart at a time. If you are visiting this web-home of mine you will find a plethora of things to help you on your path. Everyone is on a path…some are more open about it and some are more private. I encourage you to feel your way through this web-home and see where we can connect and maybe get to assist you on your journey. My Journey started in Denmark and went to USA and then Denmark again and then Sweden and then Mexico and then USA again. This is a simplified version but many travels have taken me to Israel and India, Africa and most of Europe and I am an open book regarding my experiences. I have worked with Gurus and Mentors and Holy People and Tribes… My interest in becoming the best version I can be and fulfilling my purpose for incarnating on this planet I take seriously. So many of my students and clients tend to become friends since we work so closely together. If  you feel called to experience a session where we go to the depth of YOU in a wonderful peaceful way

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Author of 

I AM: The Soul's Journey to Source...Within

" Why are we here? What is Your Purpose? I encourage you to read my book as I share you my journey in seeking to unravel these questions and more. "

After many years of not knowing why she was here, Helene V. Gross sat down one day and wrote a letter to God/Universe. She said," I want to help humanity. I have been struggling and I dont know why I am here but I feel I need to help the planet wake up to Mother Earth, wake up to Love". After that letter it took about a month and when she was in meditation again suddenly words started coming out that were not her own. She could feel that it came from somewhere else. This profound experience made her understand that what she was experiencing was nothing short of a miracle. She started recording the messages and this became a daily 'practice' she couldn't get enough of and when she would transcribe these messages she was amazed at the profound information coming through her. This was over two years ago and the realization of why we are here on Earth suddenly made sense. Why are we here? What is my purpose? Everybody asks this and the answer is "You are here to Love". Many people say "What does that have to do with me"? Every single person on this planet that resonates in Love helps en-light-en them-selves and each other and is helping Mother Earth shed the fear that is here. Your Soul knows why you are here and knew what experiences you had created for yourself on this 3rd Dimension but You have to awaken to it. That is part of the Ultimate Journey and the only difference between Helene and you is that she has remembered who she is and this book is her Journey. You will do it differently but you can learn a lot about how to awaken and when you awaken, what happens. It is a direct dialogue between Helene and the Universe/God, sometimes very funny and sometimes daunting on many levels. By reading this book you will be embarking on your own Spiritual Journey as well. Between the words you will feel the resonance and the vibration of this book. It is a vibration that has not been introduced to this planet before. Helene is introducing this book with this very high vibration and she is coming here to lead you all into a higher consciousness and into a higher way of being. This book is a book of Love and gratitude. If it resonates just a little bit with you, you should read it. With Eternal Love, The Universe.

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