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Working with Helene Gross helped my whole family. She helped us get to the other side of grief. She uses Hypnotherapy and Reiki in combination and that is a great way to overcome grief through understanding and love. Thank you Bob and Theresa B

We want to express our gratitude for the work Helene has done and continues to do to help our relationship blossom to a loving and harmonious relationship we though was impossible. We came to Helene Gross when we though our relationship was over and with her guidance and genuine love for our success she helped us turn it around. We can't thank her enough. Sarah and Richard P.

I had tried everything regarding my weight loss except Helene's Effortless Weight Loss Program. I was a bit sceptic since nothing had worked for me. Previously I have starving myself then restrictive diets then diet pills only to get other name it I have tried it. So when I came across this website I was a bit sceptical...what could this program offer that was different? One talk with Helene and I felt I had come across something unique. She has been with me all the way. She cares about my success as much as I do and her program is working..I am keeping the pounds off and I am happier than ever.  Todd D.

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