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Red Gerbera

You are that!

As you Awakening to YOU, more and more of the veil will disappear. Your ability to “see” will become greater and beliefs and patterns will shift. What once was your truth will also show itself as a lie. In the word belief is the word lie. Your truth will become your experiences because your experiences will become your knowing. This is real and the more you wake up the more it will be so. For many it is happening and has been happening for quite some time. Many people look at their lives and friends and feel a dissonance and feel they can no longer stay in the belief systems or keep on with their relationships ......

Your true YOU is opening up and you can no longer turn a blind eye you have some decisions to make and some of them are about people you care about. What are you to do? Some of the people you care about are still “stuck” in their old belief systems. They are not on board with your new YOU. Many of you are realizing that the churches are not resonating with you either. You notice what is being preached is not your truth or is mostly going away from your en-light-ened you. So you might feel outside or you might feel that you can’t really speak freely like you might have in the past but dear one you are resonating on a higher vibe and so are your fellow tribesmen and women. Just stay on your path and find your new “tribe”. You are on your way to become self realized and enlightened. This is wonderful and not always so easy but you are here at this auspicious time and you heard ”the call”. Congratulations dear one YOU are THAT!

with much love and light

Your Ascension Guide Helene V Gross

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