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Red Gerbera

Wanting inner peace....

While drama is going on outside.....

So how do we stay centered while everything on the outside seems to be at an upheaval? The first thing is to breathe.....slowly..... and connect to your heart. As you breathe slowly count within to 5. Slowly breathe out count to 5. If you have a chance close your eyes....... while doing this for a few minutes ..... and while you are focussing on your inner world by breathing and connecting to your heart your body shifts out of the fight and flight mode into the rest rejuvenate and restore mode. It’s a signal for your body to relax ....... with much love. If you want help here we have in the store a St.Germain meditation that works on you elevating your relationship to yourself and loved ones here and on the other side. With much love Helene

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