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Red Gerbera

Opening up to your Divinity

Who are you? What makes you YOU? You came here and chose your body and life before you entered into your physical body. Let’s say you created your physical life and chose all your co-creators and all your experiences. You see.... you are a Divine Creator .... You or let’s say your Higher Self decided to be on this planet in your body and experience this life. Don’t blame your parents... they were just a part of your overall plan. They too are just co-creators of your life. You summoned them to give you physical life here on Earth but you orchestrated it all. Congratulations. Now what do you do with this information? Are you happy with what you have created? If not let’s see what we can do together to help you re-connect with your divine self. Let’s see if there are any glitches in the programming and we do this through hypnosis or regression therapy. When you chose the body you chose it for a reason not a season. You might have been going through some rough times and wonder what to do next. It’s in your highest interest to understand that nothing we do here is coincidence.... it’s all a part of the higher plan. So if you are unsatisfied with how your life is right now. Let’s talk and see what your next step is....welcome to hugs Helene

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