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Red Gerbera

Open Your Heart and Upgrade your relationship..

I have a confession to make. My husband left me 5 months ago. He packed up and left. My heart was crushed but I figured he wanted to leave and I didn't do anything to stop him. I told him I loved him and I hoped he would find happiness. As the days went by I tried to see it as a part of my life was going in a new direction. He kept wanting to talk but all that did was open up the wounds so I tried to limit the talks. Each time we had talked I would be out of ability to function for days. About a month ago I "downloaded" this meditation from the Universe as I was sitting in meditation as I do every morning and record the messages so I can transcribe them and learn from them or write them in my books. This one was different...this one really caught me off guard. I listened to the meditation over and over again and then I applied it to my life.....after about one week I was told in my morning meditation to go and see my husband. I told the Universe/God ...are you out of your mind?? He left me!!!! Why would any sane person want to run after someone who had chosen to leave?? In my mind it was his wish and I respected will. They (God/Universe) kept telling me to go and finally one day I said.." OK...I will go ..if I have a dog sitter, a home sitter, the hotel I love is available AND the flight is available and not too expensive. I looked and called and everything fell into place. I talked to the universe and they said.."Now go to him with your heart completely open!"...I was perplexed...completely open and not knowing how I would be able to do that. I asked the universe how I can be completely open while he may not want me...he may want to quit all together...I may also want to go my way... I was told..." To be a master you have to open your heart at all times, no matter what"! This piqued my interest and I felt I was given a challenge and I completely embraced it. This was me being completely open and all love no matter what would happen. I did that and today one month later we are together and more in love than we have ever been. So I can't guarantee you anything but I can say this meditation opens up to evolving your relationship and taking it a step higher. It even works if your loved one has passed away. You can still connect with them. I see people have used it with their loved pets and friends. I am so grateful for this and so I want to share it with you my dear loves:)

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