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Red Gerbera

Once upon a time before your birth

you were looking down on Mother Earth. You were contemplating what you wanted to do. You knew how life was in the Stars but you wanted to incarnate on to the Mother. You were talking to the elders about what you wanted to accomplish. You had heard about emotions and feelings and you wanted to feel it. You wanted to experience having a physical body a vehicle anchoring you to this physical plane. Do you remember we told you this was not going to be easy and you would lose your memory?

We know that each one of you reading this now is wondering, where did I come from. Why am I here? Dear one. You chose it. You wanted to experience it and we see you suffering. Dear one to make life easier we suggest you open up to your SELF. Open to who you REALLY are. You really ARE the creator of YOU. You have all of this within. There is no difference between You and God you are ONE!!!

We are here all the time to guide you to YOU and nobody else. When you feel lonely it’s because you are losing connection to YOU.....

Dear One. You are That!!!!

With Love Helene V Gross

ps. I am here to help you find YOU!❤️

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