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Red Gerbera

Meditation and Frequency/Vibration

Why do so many people meditate? How can it help me? I have a hard time quieting my "monkey mind". I don't think meditation is for me!

Have you ever had those thoughts run through your head? If so you are not alone. You and many others just haven't found the kind of "meditation" that fits you. In my seeking for the ultimate meditation technique for over 25 years I finally found what worked for me. The difference between many people and me is that I couldn't stop until I found it. Let me tell you and I have tried all kinds that I could get my hands on...and each time I thought I found it ......I would continue maybe a week to 3 weeks and then somehow I found myself going back to old habits and the old way of living. I would then "find" another one and try it and I "failed and failed" because I didn't stick with it. I would feel that I had gone back to square one again and I would be miserable. One day I just sort of "daydreamed" back to the time I was little and would just sit and allow my mind/being to travel out of this reality and into the other...It was like I was accessing the other realities...the thrill I felt I had almost forgotten and my whole being was lit up. I was so happy to have found my "mojo" again. I was no longer shut down, I was no longer seeking....I had found it within. ......

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