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Welcome to Your Inner Child Healing space.
5 "Symptoms" that reveal we need to connect and heal our Inner Child.
1. Small happenings trigger a big reaction.
2. The need to be validated, or a constant need for recognition
3. Needing  to control everything
4. Self Sabotage because of low self esteem
5. Feeling not  seen or heard
There are more but you get the point.
Lets not sit around and understand although its a great beginning...lets use this proven method of healing your Inner Child. a Therapist and Life Coach I use several modalities to help heal your Inner Child, and we have been doing it for over 20 years with great results. 
Working with me One-on-one you will receive a deep session including Energy work, Deep Emotional Release, Hypnotherapy and some more modalities depending on your needs. If it has to do with traumatic events in your earlier years we might have to work several times to really clear this so your Inner Child feels safe in coming through.
The transformations that have happened never cease to amaze me and I welcome you to open to your authentic self.
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