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My Name is Helene V Gross.  Being called to do what I love and use my acquired talents to help others is what makes my life worth living.  As an Author, Singer, Hypnotist, Tarot Reader, Psychic Medium, Artist, Video Editor, Actress, Motivational Speaker, etc, the red thread through all of this is that these talents have allowed me to master the art of BEING LOVE to in turn channel that into all that I do.  


It has been scientifically proven that Hypnosis works when a person is very motivated to change.  If there is a desire to eliminate or improve something in their life, whether it be relationships, habits, abundance, well being, sports performance (professional athletes change their game through the help of Hypnosis) Golf Game, Tennis, Exercise, Weight loss, Overcoming fears, Stress Reduction hypnosis works very well. Perhaps there is a want to build your confidence or stop being afraid of Speaking in Public. Whatever it is lets see what we can do for you.


If you are a bit unsure if Hypnosis is for you (and I am not talking about the stage Hypnosis where people are made to walk like chicken). 

Newsflash...you are in a state of Hypnosis everyday you

drive your car. Have you ever arrived at your destination and wondered "How did I do that?”… You were in a state of  Hypnosis, an alpha state or alpha brainwave level.

Beta          Fully Awake          Analytical and evaluating    

Alpha       Lightly Relaxed    Relaxed state like when you drive     

Theta        Deeply Relaxed    Very relaxed and almost dreamy

Delta         Sleep State          Sleeping


You are in your conscious mind is when you are fully awake.. the Beta Brain wave level. 

When you are in the other states Alpha, Theta and Delta they are your  Sub-conscious mind and are controlling 95%-99%

of all your mental abilities and bodily functions in each part

of your body. This is where habits are stored as well and where we can access that bigger part of you that stops you from being successful in life. This is the area where change and improvement can happen through Hypnosis.

Sigmund Freud used it, Professional Athletes use it….

Why not you? All I ask is that you are motivated to stop or change a habit or to improve in some area of your life. Again through careful suggestions to your sub-conscious mind you change, improve or quit a habit or pattern of thinking that doesn't serve you and reprogram it to how you want to be or live. Its all up to you. 

You know the saying..


If you believe you can do it, then that is what happens….If you believe you can't do it, then that is what happens….you choose..

How is it going for you up until you came to me? I have the tool to help you achieve success in your life. Are you going to work with me and make your life easier? You choose?

I welcome you to connect with me so we can get you to the next level of your life, so you can become the better version of yourSELF.


Conscious mind sleeps, Sub-conscious mind never sleeps…